Chiapas, México

Na Bolom

About us

We are a non-profit Civil Association founded in 1950 by the Danish researcher Frans Blom and the Swiss photographer Gertrude Duby.


Our mission is to research, promote and rescue the heritage of the indigenous communities of Chiapas, to contribute to the respect and promotion of human rights through health, environment, education, culture and community development programs.


Our vision is to be a benchmark as a research center, a trigger for discussions, a promoter of heritage, education and critical processes.



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Na Bolom?

All the income from the services provided by Na Bolom is used in its entirety to support the high impact projects in which the association is involved.


We have a variety of beautiful handicrafts made by artisans from indigenous communities


Visit our museum and learn more about the Lacandon culture and the indigenous cultures of the Highlands of Chiapas


Stay in one of our 16 rooms and live an incredible experience surrounded by culture and nature


Visit us and delight your palate with different traditional dishes from San Cristóbal de Las Casas and Chiapas

Tropical Leaves


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