Frans & trudy

They founded Na Bolom in 1950, when they bought the house with the inheritance that Frans received from his mother. Since then they have dedicated their entire vocation and life to a single wish: to form an institution that would live longer than they did and that will continue their work for the conservation of the cultural and natural heritage of Chiapas.

120 years after the birth of Frans, 50 of his death and 20 of the death of Trudy, Na Bolom continues to plant trees, provide health to the Lacandons, receive visitors from all over the world and fight for the conservation of the natural and cultural heritage of the Chiapas.


Frans Blom

Frans Blom was born in Copenhagen in 1893. He got a job as a contractor in the National Company of the Pierce Oil Corporation to come to Mexico in 1920. In Chiapas he found his home and vocation: he dedicated his life to research, archeology and anthropology . In 1950 he founded the Na Bolom Center for Scientific Studies. He described himself as: "Born in Denmark, fiery from Chiapas and Mexican at heart."

Gertrude duby

Gertrude Duby de Blom was born in the countryside near Bern in 1901. In 1942 when she came to Chiapas to do a report on the Lacandons inspired by the works of Jacques Soustelle she met Frans and left journalism and together with him she dedicated herself to the Anthropology and photography. Upon Frans' death, the deterioration of the Lacandon Jungle, the quality of rural life and the cultural heritage of Chiapas motivated her to become the main defender of all the natural and historical wealth that she had known.


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